Exam, Scale, Polish, X-rays€90
Examination/Diagnosis/Treatment Plan/X-ray€50
Child Exam€30
Scale & Polish€60
Periodontal Treatment€80 per visit
X-Rays Small€10
Routine Extraction€100
Surgical Extraction/Wisdom€100 - €150
Fillings (Amalgam/ Silver)€80 - €110
Fillings (Composite / White)€90 - €130
Child Fillings (baby tooth)€60
Fissure Sealants€25 (per tooth)
Root Canal Treatment€350 - €600
Bridge (per unit)€750
Post/Core€100 - €150
Dentures (Acrylic)€350 - €500 per arch
Dentures (Cobalt Chrome)€1000 - €1200 per arch
Gum Shield€70 - €80
Night Guard (Hard-soft)€200

PRSI and Medical card eligible patients can avail of a free examination once per calendar year. Please provide your PPS and medical card details on booking so we can confirm eligibility prior to your appointment.

These prices are for guideline purposes only and a more accurate cost of your treatments can be discussed with your dentist during your examination appointment.